About US

The three founders of Lobeva were raised by Italian immigrants who packed their life into a suitcase and came to Quebec in search of a better quality of life. While never forgetting their origins, their families embraced the quebecois culture and values in the same way their adopted home embraced them back. As much as starting a new life across the ocean was difficult, finding a better quality of life was imperative for their families. The result is that the founders of Lobeva grew up with a unique hybrid culture of classic italian traditions and modern quebecois customs.

Their parents made the important choice to instill Italian traditions into their lives. Sunday lunch was always important, and with it came homemade pasta, sausage, and most importantly homemade wine. This wine was made in their Nonno’s cellar, and this hybrid upbringing and culture created a profound interest of making something with their hands, something unique and original that could not be found anywhere. But they left the wine to their parents, and embarked on a new challenge, creating a product that is engrained in this country and province’s culture, Beer!

With 20 years of combined brewing experience between them, Lobeva was created with the goal of making unique and delicious beers inspired by our history and culture.
Lobeva, for the culture.
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